We Helped Build a
DIY Clinical Research Platform
That Allows Researchers to
Launch Research Studies.


ProofPilot is a healthcare tech platform that allows individuals to
design, manage, launch, and participate in research studies. ProofPilot keeps the data on the platform secure while providing tools to the user to conduct their research studies.

Mindbowser has served as the technology team for Proofpilot and has worked on various aspects of the platform right from building new features to maintenance and optimization.

Industry: Healthcare

ProofPilot has raised a total of $2M+ in funding.

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Key Requirements of the Client

1. Strong technology suit as Proofpilot was a complex project.

2. Open to experimenting with a new tech stack as there was a constant need for optimization.

3. Able to understand and interact directly as the product needed constant communication.

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