We've Implemented a Solution
for An Insurance Platform
That Involves Seamless
Document Scanning
and Parsing.


We’ve made the insurance platform better by creating a solution that makes scanning and understanding documents seamless. This improvement ensures a smoother experience for users dealing with insurance paperwork, allowing them to access information quickly and efficiently.

Industry: Insurance


Solutions We Implemented to Improve This Insurance Platform


We utilized advanced technology to easily extract crucial data from insurance documents, regardless of size or structure.


The use of JSON structured data format enabled organized and standardized data representation, improving consistency and making it easier for property managers to interpret.


The predefined rules ensured accurate and compliant extraction of insurance data, meeting predetermined criteria for high-quality outputs.


The prompt engineering techniques fine-tuned interactions between LLMs and insurance documents, guiding the model to concentrate on specific data.

Result We Achieved: Streamlined Document Scanning and Parsing in the Insurance Platform

We successfully used advanced language models to accurately extract comprehensive insurance data. By implementing predefined rules for validation, we ensured the accuracy and adherence of the extracted data to specific criteria, resulting in improved overall data quality.

The user-friendly platform design allowed easy document submission, rule application, and data validation. With a JSON structured data format, we ensured an organized and structured representation of extracted data, promoting enhanced data consistency.

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